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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Greymoon for "The Dirty Turkey Hunt"

Greymoon is thrilled to be one of the stores participating in this years Dirty Turkey Hunt put on by Depraved Events.
This is the 6th year that this event is running and it's very well organized.
The event runs from November 1-30, 2015
To see the list of stores participating (as well as hints to their hidden items) you can go to this site

There is even a flickr group dedicated to pictures of items being offered.
Found here

Greymoon is Store #71 out of 100 stores. 
Hint = look beneath the way to get up
I have created a really comfortable dress perfect for a fall day. It's standardized mesh in 5 sizes.
I am wearing the Maitreya body with it and had no trouble with fitting.

Here is my item for 0L

Grab a taxi to find your gift.
Cheers! Lyssa

Monday, January 12, 2015

Martian Dust blows into Greymoon

I have a last minute addition to the current event now running for A Tattered Page.
From Greymoon I present to you: Martian Dust - a skirt and halter top ensemble available in 6 colours.
There are so many wondrous aspects of martian dust in the novel "Martian Chronicles" that I had to capture some of it in the fabric of these dresses.
Enjoy them for only 130L each.
Two taxi options for you: Two taxi options: The Library and My Main Store





Deep Red



Friday, January 9, 2015

Nostalgia - for A Tattered Page event

A tattered Page : The Martian Chronicles is now running until January 31st.
You can find my items at both my main store and at the library

For a full shopping guide of all the vendors, please follow this link


Greymoon has decided to focus on the theme of nostalgia for our creations inspired by the novel by Ray Bradbury.
The dresses I have made for this round of ATP capture the feeling of nostalgia. They are dresses made in the style of the 1940's. I decided make the dress textures changeable to highlight the ability of the Martians to change their appearances.  Each dress includes a 4 fabric option HUD. 
The "texture" change ability of the Martians is highlighted throughout the novel and I would be remiss to ignore it.
You can read more of my thoughts on the notecard included with each dress.
Each dress is only 200L and with the HUD it's like getting 4 dresses for 1 price. 
I hope you like them as much as I do.

Many thanks to Straight Razor for the HUD scripts and to Axi Kumin for the fabulous ads.

Recent New Releases - Post 4 - Modern Kimono

I recently released a series of mini kimonos. My cultural heritage is Japanese so I really enjoyed playing with this design.
I hope you like it too. You can find them in my main store as well as on the marketplace.

Recent New Releases Post 3

This post I will show you some cute winter/spring sweaters which I've recently released.
They operate on a HUD allowing you to chose between 4 completely different fabrics.
I love HUDs because they allow the user to have more options for less money. Nothing beats having 4 shirts in 1. *grin*
Simple Denim Dress

I am also going to show you pictures of a new dress I have added to the store. It's called Simple Denim. These dresses also have HUDs with 4 options each.

Without further ado, here they are. (I will be adding more to the store as soon as I finish packing them up)

and the dresses...

Recent New Releases Post 2

Hi again,
More updates for you from my recent New Releases.

I recently released some very glamorous historical gowns. The first set was inspired by the book "Frankenstein" and the second set was first introduced at Fit for a Princess. The Dynasty gowns all include a HUD which allows the wearer to chose between 8 different styles. I just love variety and options. Separate mesh sleeves can be purchased to add dimension to the gowns.
They can now all be found in my main store. Taxi

Dynasty is the series with HUDs. Each dress also has an add on mesh sleeve set which can be purchased separately for only 50L

Recent New Releases post 1

I have been really slow with posts and I wanted to update the blog to show some of the recent New Releases now available in my main store.
You can grab a taxi here.

For Gothmas I released some really cute dresses that I forgot to blog. The event is over but the dresses are now in my main store.
I just love the glitter in the side design of the Gothmas dresses. Dramatic flare without being overly decorative.

Also part of this release are the "Miss Prim" dresses. There are 5 different ones to chose from.

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